In addition to the semi-finished product imported from Germany, Austria as well as from Central and Eastern Europe, both longer length timber products to be cut down into different sizes and ready-sized for nailing,  we  can also rely on our own forest resources. It's an entire  production system which allows us to operate from logging to semi -finished product ready to be assembled and turned into out finished, made-to-measure products.

Our plants handle all the required processing stages include a state-of-the-art sawmill plant. Most of the plants have been newly acquired, engineered according to the most up-to-date technology and compliant to the most stringent European provisions.
A highly versatile and flexible processing to ensure extremely customized and fast deliveries represent our company strong point and major asset.



Our company follows the entire wood's lifecycle, starting from its very first stages. We work side by side with agronomists and local consortium authorities to implement poplar clones for both rapid growth plants and biomass production.
Our commitment is to use wood as a resource for production while protecting forestry development. An environmentally sustainable forest management in accordance with the goals set by Kyoto protocol is paramount to our company.

Stages of our processing

The company's work cycle comprises all the operations required to obtain the sector's products by means of the necessary equipment and tools.
Our production units' operations are alike and may be summarized as follows:

  • The raw material consists of poplar, spruce and pine wood logs.
  • From the mechanical cut machining we obtain those semi-finished products such as boards and closures/caps. They come in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses which, once assembled will give the finished product.
  • Automatically operated nail lines will then proceed to the assembly stage.
  • From the nailing stage we are then given the finished product, pallets or wooden cases stored in the warehouse ready to be delivered to our customers.

Our warehouse premises

The sole area intended for warehousing/storage is approx 25.000 square mt. It is specifically organized and handled to ensure an on-going availability of standard pallets ready for our customers.  This is how we can absolutely guarantee frontloading and prompt deliveries to our customers.

Logistics and transportation

We rely on our own truck fleet as well as on a market-leading transportation service company to ensure our finished product is promptly delivered.


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