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In 1970 my father, Giuseppe, father of six children, as a side job, used to work as a woodcutter along with marketing small-sized consignments of wood, so to supplement the family income.
In 1973, my brother-in-law Alvaro and I joined in and that's when we started to produce small amounts of semi-finished product which aimed at making the most of the marketed timber product. A local kiln, my father used to work for at the time, turned out to be key to our new business as we started to produce custom-sized pallets for them.

In those days, my father, Alvaro and I were starting from scratch, our equipment was rudimentary: our premises... a wooden roofing, our tools included a log band saw, a sharpening machine and a panel saw.
In our after hours, on Saturdays and Sundays we would prepare the semi-finished product while my mother, Giuseppina, would spend her day time nailing down pieces that would become pallets. We gave quite a great deal of our leisure time and sleep, yet we were driven by our enthusiasm and wanted to improve our products, that to us was our reward for the hard work we put in. Indeed, more rewards were about to come and further compensation for our efforts. In 80's the markets opened up to the sector making it possible for us finally purchase our first lot and our first warehouse.

In 1979 we joined forces:  my brother-in-law, Alvaro, I and our respective wived, Ferrarini Rosanna,  Aschieri Cesarina. started Aschieri - De Pietri and C. sdf.
In 1985 Aschieri - De Pietri and C. sdf became "Aschieri Enea - De Pietri Alvaro & c. snc". Since then, our company has started to evolve, by employing new workers and increasing its turnover. In the years that followed, my son Marco and my grandsons Fabrizio and Marzio also joined in and entered the company. Aschieri - De Pietri snc as a company is booming high and we are extremely gratified by it. Watching our company steadily grow is to me the greatest reward. I truly hope for this generation to take this company along a thriving path in the future as well, driven by that same passion Alvaro and I had when we started it.

In 2004 the company Aschieri-De Pietri and C., a collective partnership company, has become Aschieri - De Pietri s.r.l.

Our history makes, Aschieri - De Pietri srl a well-established firm in its sector, steadily growing, while representing those guiding values the company has always operated by. tradition, quality, familiarity, undivided attention to our valued customers and highest product safety standards. A company, yet a large family, its capacity for renewal and keeping pace with the needs and requirements of our customers.

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